Finally you can get a full night's sleep while travelling
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kiro pillow fits all


  • Chiropractor designed. Keeps the head and neck in proper alignment while preventing neck strain.
  • Comfortable all-around neck support allows for better,more restful sleep.
  • Compact and can be folded and tucked away for easy storage.
  • Cool, lightweight, pillow density foam. Much cooler temperature.
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What is the Kiro travel pillow?

The Kiro travel pillow is a unique invention, designed by a chiropractor, which offers a contour support that cradles the chin and neck for maximum comfort while sleeping upright. The Kiro pillow is preferred three to one over the traditional u-shaped pillows currently being sold on the market. The specific benefit of this pillow is the forward support that keeps the head and neck in proper alignment. This contrasts the existing product, which supports the back of the neck and offers some side support but offers no forward support that prevents the head from bobbing forward

Why people should use Travel pillow?

When travelling it's important that you travel in comfort. This is especially important when travelling long distances. I total recommend that you get a comfortable travel pillow. No more sore necks! You will be able to travel in a lot more comfort with a travel pillow. Medical experts agree that proper alignment while sleeping is crucial to minimizing neck and upper back strain.

How travel pillows help during your travel?

On long flights it is nearly impossible to sleep comfortably. There are limited activities you can do on a plane so it is a perfect time to get some much needed sleep. The problem is the seats only allow minimal tilting, which is not quite enough for your head and neck to get relief from gravity. Even in this tilted position the muscles of the neck are still turned on to keep the head and neck in a comfortable position. The Kiro pillow minimizes this effort and relaxes the muscles of the neck.

Different types of travel pillow

It is important to get the best travel pillow while traveling, one that assures you the most comfortable sleep during the flight but also to protects your neck. When choosing a neck pillow, there are some specifics that you look for. First is comfort. Since that is subjective you might ask yourself what is your most comfortable sleeping position because there are travel pillows that may accompany that sleeping position.The majority of the pillows sold on the market are the u-shaped pillows. They come in a variety of colors and materials but the design is the same. Another type is the inflatable pillows, which are great space savers. These work well but over time they begin to lose air and will deflate in mid-flight. One of the primary considerations is the price. How much are you willing to pay for a pillow that you may use a few times per year unless you are a frequent flyer. Admittedly, many travelers have several types of travel pillows that they have purchased over the years. I recommend that you test the different types and find out which works best for you.

Advantage of Kiro Travel pillow

The Kiro travel pillow is an answer to the question, ԉs there a better way?Ԡthe answer is, ԙes, now there is the Kiro pillow. It features four Cs.
  • Chiropractor designed. This keeps the head and neck in proper alignment while preventing neck strain.
  • Comfortable all-around neck support allows for better,more restful sleep.
  • Compact and can be folded and tucked away for easy storage.
  • Cool, lightweight, pillow density foam. This has a much cooler temperature than memory foam.
  • Another added benefit, I discovered while wearing the Kiro pillow at night was it prevented me from snoring. This was a great relief for my wife. This feature has not been widely advertised because it is still being tested for that use.

    An important component of our health and well-being is when we can get useful, restful sleep. Statistics suggest that most people do not get enough sleep at night. If we donӴ sleep well during the night then we should take every opportunity to sleep during the day. Another important aspect of the Kiro pillow is you can use it while you are awake. For example, while watching TV, working on the computer or reading. This will relax the muscles and minimize strain and discomfort. Once you find the pillow that is right for you, treat yourself to having one at home and one at the office. Those powernaps will do a lot to boost your productivity.

    Why use a neck pillow during travel?

    I have seen many painful neck conditions over my 23 year chiropractic career. One of my observations was the common neck conditions that my business travelers experienced. After reviewing their travel plans it was obvious that their problems resulted from sleeping in an awkward or unnatural position while on the airplane. The best posture when sleeping upright is to maintain the head and neck in the neutral or static position. As you know, when you are sleeping on a plane your head and neck is rarely neutral. That is why travel pillows are so popular.

    A properly fitting travel pillow, like the Kiro pillow, will prevent the tipping, tilting and whipping of the head and neck when you travel. When the head and neck is kept in the neutral position the strain on the muscles of the neck is minimized. This will prevent the stiffness and tension that you may feel after landing. If you sleep in a bad position the stress and strain incurred to the muscles takes several days for full relief.

    Oftentimes it takes a visit to the chiropractor to restore the balance to the muscles and joints. I recommend that you only wear the travel pillows when you clearly feel that you are falling asleep otherwise the pillows can cause restlessness and discomfort because wearing one while you are awake feels unnatural. The limited mobility experienced while traveling may also cause muscle tension and stress. My advice to you is to use your travel only when sleeping and remove it as soon as you awake. You will find that your flight and day will go much better.